Anonymous asked: may I know the two you think? please don't be sorry, it isn't your fault at all. thank you for not finding this weird or making it awkward. thank you so much

Um well, Heather or Izzy….?
Oh gosh, I would never find it weird. I feel so god darn flattered and amazed someone has such feelings for me! 

Anonymous asked: if you thought about it hard enough you could probably guess who I am, I only met you very recently. But all I want is for you to know how gorgeous you are, if you're ever sad I want you to know I probably am still thinking about you and how wonderful you are.. even though I'm kilometres away. please love yourself, seeming so I can't.

Oh, wow… Oh, gosh. This is so amazing to hear. Wow, thank you so much for your compliments and feelings- I’m sorry I don’t feel the same to reciprocate them. You’ve certainly struck a chord with me, just so you know though. And I have two assumptions of who you could be…

Anonymous asked: You would find it awkward because I barely know you at all, but from the minute I saw you I was infatuated. maybe I'll tell you who I am one day but I hope you know how hot you are, I hope you can walk around knowing how beautiful you are all the time x

Awww, I won’t bother you on the subject of finding out who you are anymore, but wow. Thank you so much. You’re so lovely, and you’ve really lightened up my day. You’re fab (y) 

Anonymous asked: I'm not gonna tell you who I am because it would be awkward for you and I, but you are the most gorgeous girl I swear. You literally look so fucking hot all the time, I wish I could tell you who I am but it wouldn't achieve anything.

Ahhhh, this ‘not knowing’ is going to kill me, but thank you so much, man. Means a lot- more than you would realise- and I honestly would not judge or ever find it awkward if you did decide to tell me who you are… Thanks gurl. 

Anonymous asked: you're straight? fucking damn it

Ahahaha, lol sorry 
(but please, who are you?? I’m flattered…) 


see through the red by MillyCope on Flickr.


The space inbetween


Skinny Dip

Drawn on MS Paint


Women swimming

Drawn in MS Paint